• A threat has been made to close an NHS Psychotherapy Service that works with adults who experience severe trauma in childhood, including neglect and physical and sexual abuse

• The Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are proposing to close this service that.

• Up to 10,000 Derbyshire people have benefited from since its opening.
Receives three times as many referrals as it can accept.
• Provides medium term therapies for those people for whom short term therapies have proved insufficient due to the severity of their trauma.
• Has consistently been valued by those who use it for significantly improving the quality of their lives.
• Has consistently been judged as an “outstanding service” in quality inspections.
Has well trained, highly qualified and experienced staff with a proven track record of helping to alleviate suffering that has been caused by severe childhood trauma
• Provides, teaching, training, consultation and supervision to other NHS staff to support their work
The Government talks of the need to address the “parity of esteem” between Mental and Physical Health Service Users.
• The Government talks of the need to address the chronic underinvestment in services such as Mental Health Talking Therapies…. and yet here we have a proposal for a major cut to the provision of talking therapies for those with severe and enduring mental health difficulties.

• There is a Public Consultation taking place within Derbyshire on the CCG’s proposal in the Autumn of 2018


sdp4• Further information can be found at:




• Twitter
• @DerbyPsychothe1

• Website
• Save Derbyshire NHS Specialist Psychotherapy

• Face Book Group
• Save NHS Derby Psychotherapy Service

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    1. Sorry that you have never been referred You could talk to your GP and ask to be referred Why save a service because many people have benefitted and hopefully will continue to benefit from this service. I don’t think you can blame a service that others have not referred you too?


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